Bali pass trek

 The Bali Pass trek is among the few popular treks in India. It is a thrilling pass trek that goes right through the Har Ki Dun Valley and Ruinsara Valley and lead up to Yamunotri. The Bali pass trek has a very exciting aroma about it which calls in a lot of trekkers and tourists. The trail itself is filled with adventure as the snow ridges in the Bali Pass region take up most part of the journey. Trekkers and mountaineers claim this trek to be one the most unique enthralling pass trek than any other pass trek owing to the long walks on snow ridges, the steep ascents to get to Bali Pass and then the enthralling adventure of crossing the Bali Pass itself to get to the other side. The descents are equally difficult and hence more fun. The surrounding views as you trek through the Bali Pass region are coped with Bandarpoonch ranges including Bandarpoonch 1 and 2 and Mount Swargrohini which accounts for half the beauty of this is trek can be seen standing in all its mystery, right behind you.

The view is unhindered and incomparable to any other pass trek. In months of May to June and September to October the trek is perceived in its full grace and escapade, reducing most of the challenges obstructing trekkers anytime during the rest of the year.  There is a lake which you’ll encounter during the trek that is sure to leave you awestruck with its clear blue serene waters set in lush green meadows cast with mountains to add to the aesthetic in Ruinsara. The Bali Pass trek however, is not easy to complete owing to its high altitude (16,241 ft above the sea level) and steep ascents/descents. The trekkers need to be very fit and humbly prepared in order to complete the Bali Pass trek.